Industry City

 Last weekend we made the way over to Brooklyn's Industry City, which is exactly as it sounds. There's a food hall, shopping, and a huge loungey (with a bar!) area all in a very authentic industrial setting. We are all over a "casual eating" environment right now as Juliette will sit in her high chair for maybe seven minutes on a good day before yelling "all done" over and over and over and over again. Delightful! 
It's nice when she can be loud/run around and we can eat/parent at the same time - and this place was perfect for us and our delightful situation. They also have free balloons and a Brooklyn Children's Museum pop-up space which isn't awesome but there were a lot of kids for her to point at and say "shoes!" - so we'll take it!
Any advice for active toddlers and parents who just want a gourmet sandwich once in a while?!


shoes // Dolce Vita // scarf // similar here // jeans // AG // shirt // similar here // sunglasses // Karen Walker // purse // Sam Edelman


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