Toddler IRL

 Have you ever heard the saying "the quickest way for a mother to get her child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable". Sounds about right, right? Juliette keeps getting more and more independent, learning more words, trying crazier foods (sriracha brussels sprouts?!) but all of the independence still leads to a more craziness on the parenting end. More discipline, more cleaning, more changes of clothes and definitely more snacks. 
I love getting Juliette dressed for the day, getting all of her stuff together (again with all the snacks), and even trying to get her insane (ie awesome) hair out of her face and into a ponytail or "piggies". What I love more than all the put-togetherness, however, are our mornings without pants, without wiping her runny nose, without regard to how messy literally anything could possibly be, and without brushing her insane (no it's absolutely crazy) hair. And let's throw in a leftover chicken drumstick. Like this:

 Happy Friday! 

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