Juliette Favorites!

1 // Juliette loves to pull this Melissa & Doug puppy and say "bye bye" and run down the hall! The joke that she's "running away" with her dog never gets old.

2 // I was nervous about getting her this Kid Kraft kitchen that comes in five billion pieces, but Shawn put it together one night while I was out drinking wine! I came home and was so happy it wasn't me who had to put it together (also wine was involved in some of my excitement).

3 // Juliette is OBSESSED with owls. This plate is less than $2 and it makes her more excited about her lima beans.

4 // Juliette has some crazzzyyy curls. Cra. This So Cozy leave-in conditioner spray smells great, helps with tangles, has none of the bad stuff (parabens etc.) and makes her curls look extra cute. Amazing.

5 // Target's Cat & Jack leggings are super cute, affordable, and fit Juliette's juicy legs perfectly. We pick up a new pair every week or so.

6 // Moccasins are perfect for winter afternoons spent indoors - cozy + cute.

7 // My girlfriend bought Juliette a sweet little backpack that I thought wouldn't get any use until kindergarten. Not so! Juliette loves to wear her backpack around the house and it weirdly gives her confidence?!


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