Please Touch Museum in Philly with the Fam

We now spend the majority of our weekends trying to get out of our 900 square feet so Juliette can run around and destroy stuff somewhere else...anywhere else. We usually will try out a Brooklyn-based playspace, or maybe go over to Whole Foods for cheap thrills in the shopping cart, but options are running low. I was looking into a New Jersey indoor waterpark but Shawn's sister let us know the crowd there "wasn't ideal" but that the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia is "very nice". Sold!
We made a date to meet my in-laws (Juliette's idolizes her cousin Isaac) at the museum and it was seriously incredible. We could have been there for hours, and I especially recommend checking out the Alice in Wonderland area where kids can "paint the roses red" and make their way through a trellis maze. Adorable. 
We ended up getting a hotel in Philadelphia with a pool so Juliette could "swim" and we could appreciate more what the city has to offer (i.e. Shawn and I wanted to try some Philly cuisine).
I'll be doing a post soon more about cabin fever anecdotes so stay tuned and send me any advice!
P.S. I did a huge story at the museum on Instagram Stories - follow along here if you want to see all our shenanigans! 

Shopping Info:
my vest // Gap, my jeans // Gap, my sneakers // Adidas, my sweater // Target (P.S. I wear this three days a week minimum), my coat // J. Crew, very similar here, Juliette's Dress, Jacadi, similar here


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