Weekend in the Berkshires

Annual trip to Taft farm for apple cider donuts, dried flowers, pumpkins, and then donuts for the road.

P.S. the farm has a ton of animals, and Juliette called them all "puppies"
Saturday it rained ALL DAY, so a quick Google search led us to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum which is was fantastic, and more like an indoor gym with scienceish toys than a museum. So perfect. It was also right on the river so we had a mini photo shoot (below). 
We always try to fit in a (short and easy) hike while in the Berkshires, and Monument Mountain isn't too bad, has a great view, and takes a little over an hour. Also there are nice rocks at the top for sitting and snacking while taking in the view :)
Shawn was born in Queens, NY (which comes up when he is trying to look cool) but was raised in the Berkshires. It's about a two and a half-hour drive to his childhood home, so we go up a few times a year and always do the same things while we're there. We go to Crossroads Food Shop for breakfast, take a hike, hit a farm stand, hit the shops around Great Barrington and go to Baba Louie's for greek salad and pizza. Always. 
I love not making a plan, and knowing exactly what I'm eating for dinner and if we do something crazy it's stopping at Kenver's to check out the ski apparel and say "Hola" to Shawn's former Spanish teacher. 
This was another perfectly reliable visit!

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