Amsterdam Photo Diary

Waiting in line for street-herring...this was hours after getting off the plane so my stomach wasn't ready for it 
We took a ferry (fun!) to NDSM (yes it sounds dirty) which has a huge indoor art exhibit and Juliette got to play pretend circus even though she was a bit too small 
Me and my new biking BFF (Love her leopard coat!) outside a classic canal house

We are lucky LUCKY parents to be able to participate in a successful nanny share with good friends and a great nanny. When we found out our nanny-share friends were spending six weeks in Amsterdam for work, we jumped on board to stay with them a few days - Juliette in tow. It was basically co-parenting all week and we loved it!
We've both been to Amsterdam in the past (my name 'Hollyn' is after Holland!) so Shawn and I felt we could just play-it-by-ear rather than plan every minute.
A few notes and suggestions:
Rent bikes // it was awesome biking around the city, we even biked to and from a boozy dinner (we got a sitter) and everyone made it home okay

Get a sitter // we found one through our AirB&B host and it was fantastic to see Amsterdam at night, with adults-only

Visit the Jordaan Neigh // we loved hanging out in this beautiful area stocked with Instagram-worthy coffee shops and boutiques

Visit the Rijksmuseum // 100% stunning and the cafe there was fab fab fab

Take a canal cruise // we planned our day so that Juliette fell asleep just as we got on the 90-minute boat ride. We brought on a late lunch (the Dutch cheeses are worth every calorie) and had just the loveliest time while Juliette snoozed through the canals

Stock up at Marqt // this is basically a deluxe supermarket chain that had all the best local goodies, I bought maybe twelve bars of delish Dutch chocolate and don't regret it

Plan extra time at local parks // We went to Westerpark twice, they have great restaurants, a petting zoo, and adorable playground, we also biked around and hit the playground at Vondelpark

Shopping Info:
Stroller // Mamas & Pappas Urbo2 // Juliette's Camel Coat // Gap Kids // My sherpa coat // old, similar here // My grey booties // Dolce Vita // My sneakers // old, similar here // my fleece pullover // Abercrombie + Fitch 
Juliette NOT sleeping in her plane bassinet on the way home...ciao!


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