Happy 1st Birthday Juliette!

Juliette : 1 Year
On this day last year I woke meaning to sniff sangria at a Bastille Day party and instead had a baby. One year later and today Juliette is clapping, pointing, climbing, singing, and truly almost walking. She loves eating taco salads and trying on shoes, she dislikes getting her diaper changed and getting out of the bath. She is truly her own little, fantastic person and my favorite part of the day is checking in on her one more time before I go to bed. I get to see her sleeping, and she'll sometimes be snuggling with her stuffed lion, will have one foot hanging out of the crib, or will have her body spread out as widely as possible in the shape of an 'x'. 
The way she smiles at strangers and frowns at me when I make a bad joke seems to foreshadow her life as a social butterfly who is embarrassed by her mom!
I love you Juliette, happy birthday sweet girl!


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