Work Wednesdays : I'm Going Back to Work!

Juliette was born July 12th, 2015, and I'll be going back to work July 6th, 2016. The numbers are staggering when it comes to women getting very little (if they are lucky) or no maternity leave in the U.S. I feel very very lucky I was able to have almost an entire year to be at home with my daughter. 
I'll miss waking her up from her first nap and watching her smile as I "sneak" into the room. I'll miss kissing Shawn as he goes off to work and still getting excited hearing his key in the lock at night. I'll miss my mom tribe, all the women with kids the same age at Juliette, who I've been able to meet up with daily for lunch, picnics, running errands and even a little mid-afternoon rosè...
However I'm excited to start up my career again, continue working on P.S., continue being a mom and wife, and really excited that going back to work also means getting a cleaning lady every other week!
This is also the start of my Work Wednesdays series, where I'll be posting work-related content each week. I went through a lot to nab the position I'm starting soon (a digital account director at Us Weekly!),  saw a few career coaches, and will be navigating the working mom thing for the first time - so I feel qualified to share my experience and even give a bit of advice. Also I'm back in business casuals done my way (lots of cigarette pants, lots of flippy skirts, and a few ruffles here and there) - so I'll have some fashion thrown in.
I am spending my last week as a stay-at-home-mom with my baby and friends, and can be followed along on Instagram.
Wish me luck!


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