Juliette Update : 11 Months

Juliette : 11 Months
Today our little Juliette isn't so little anymore as she turns 11 months old. 
Aaannddd we're walking! Just kidding! How about "walking" with a play "stroller". Which may sound "meh" but let me tell you, Shawn and I find her moving about on her own two feet the biggest thrill of our lives.
Juliette is a girl after my Minnesota heart and is a total carnivore, and will eat the chicken or meatballs put in front of her before the broccoli or asparagus (well duh). She chews on all this meat adorably with her four perfect teeth, with three more on deck.
She's also "singing". I have the kids Pandora station on all day, every day, and I swear she loves the Disney princess songs more than anything else, although she grooves along nicely to UB40's Red Red Wine (why is that a kids song anyway?!).
We are planning for her first birthday, which was going to have a Spanish theme but we couldn't find a baby-sized bolero jacket so we are doing an indoor picnic fetè instead. Stay tuned for a special birthday post in a month!
We love you Juliette Laurel!


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