Catching Up With Ariana Pierce

It's been a while since I've caught up with anyone, but Ariana Pierce is here to change all of that. Unfortunately she makes me look lazy as she has written a book and has a nail polish line and I have about a decade on her ha! She is truly an inspiration, and is super girly which I'm super into. If this gal doesn't make you turn off Vanderpump Rules reruns and get your act together nothing will! Enjoy!

I love your style that seems to include lots of neutrals! Any tips for dressing in neutrals?
Thank you so much! I absolutely love neutrals because they are so clean and fresh for the season. Recently, I’ve started to add in at least one pop of color when I wear neutrals to bring my look to life. Though I love blush pink, nudes and blacks, I’ve noticed that bright colors are fun and dress up my look. If you are also a person who likes neutrals, I would say don’t be afraid to play with color. This season is all about bold prints and hues, and a great way to incorporate that is with your accessories.
I definitely agree! What is a shopping weakness for you?Do you have a go-to outfit?
A shopping weakness for me is a fabulous pair of flats from ASOS. Though I feel like I have a million pair, I can never pass up on a comfy and fabulous pair of shoes.
My go-to outfit is a casual, everyday dress. It’s easy to slip on and can be worn with a cute pair of flats. It’s literally my daily office look!
Do you have a special recipe or favorite food you make often you’d like to share?
I don’t have a special recipe I go to often, but I do have a special drink that I love. Kale, apple and ginger smoothies are a must. They give me so much energy and keep my skin clear and pimple free.
Amazing...and healthy! Do you have a favorite book you like to recommend to your girlfriends?
A book that I have recommended to my girlfriend’s is, #AskGaryVee: One entrepreneur’s take on leadership, social media & self-awareness by Gary Vaynerchuk. So many of my friends are either bloggers or business owners, so I felt this book was a must. It answers burning questions to successfully running a business and building it online.
Do you have any secret talents or hobbies?
I absolutely love singing. I don’t do it professionally, at least yet, but it’s something that I do daily. I’ve taken signing lessons over the years and have even recorded some song. It’s something I keep to myself, but I love music.
Your Instagram photos are so often beautiful, fun and feminine! Any tips for taking such excellent lifestyle shots?
Thank you so much for that compliment! Some advice I would give for excellent lifestyle shots is to find a color and pattern scheme. I like pinks and flowers, so I try to incorporate that all throughout my @AriTheHeiress page. Now this doesn’t mean that every picture has to meet those requirements, but my overall page has those qualities. Also, I would suggest taking your photos during the day with natural sunlight. This way you are able to capture the true beauty of your subject.
You look like you're in great shape, any fitness tips?
I’m not a fitness guru, but my main way of staying healthy and in shape is eating lots of whole foods. My daily food intake consists of lots of veggies, protein, water and green tea. This helps me to stay on track and fit. I recently read, I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson that has really helped me stay healthy because she offers so many awesome alternatives to enjoy.
Oh my gosh that sounds so difficult! Photos you've shared of your home are amazing! What helped you put together such a pretty space?
The secret to my amazing home is my mother! She does a fabulous job at interior designing. I always joke with her that she should add that job title to her resume because she can make any place beautiful. I love art, so I definitely add my personal touch with lots of paintings to my gallery wall.
Can you recommend any bloggers or celebs you look to for style inspiration or tips?
A celebrity that I look to for style inspiration is JLo. She seems to always get it right with her outfits. The color, fit and patterns she wears compliment her figure so well. Plus, her body is serious inspiration!
Serious indeed haha. Do you have any advice for bloggers?

Some advice I would give to bloggers is to be consistent and find your voice. Why finding your voice is so important is because the blogging world is becoming saturated with the same kind of bloggers. If you want to stand out in this industry, you must first ask yourself what you are an expert at, and once you figure that out, deliver content in a way that can help others in their lives. Like I explain in my new book, How to Build Your Blogging Business…In a Week, if you offer solutions to others everyday problems, whether it be fashion, business, home or kid advice, it will cause you to be an expert in your field and the go-to person for answers.

 Thanks Ariana! 


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