Baby's First Easter Basket

 Shawn and I really aren't religious, but we agreed before getting married that we would still celebrate Christmas and Easter because I love Christmas cookies and trees and Easter candy and baskets. Deal!
Fast-forward to Easter 2016 and I still don't really have an excuse to buy Easter candy (I do anyway). Finding things for an Easter basket for a baby has been tricky (no candy!) but I took a more practical approach like my mom (ahem, the Minnesota Easter bunny) always did. The Easter baskets my mom would make for my sisters and I could be three feet tall and although they included a ton of candy, they always included more practical items like shaving cream, underwear, dental floss, and hair ties. We loved it.
Juliette's won't be three feet tall, but spring shoes (2 pairs), plastic eggs filled with baby puffs, sunscreen, a sun hat, and pacifiers are all practical, necessary, and perfect for a baby who really doesn't know about all the Cadbury she's missing out on. Click below to shop and happy early Easter!


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