Shoes // New Balance, Coat // J. Crew, Jeans // Gap, Stroller // Mamas and Papas, Sunglasses // Ray Ban, Sweater // old, similar here
 During another lifetime I wore high heels, leather (ahem, pleather) pants, light-colored blouses, and adorable, touchable, wavy hair. Being a mom has changed more than my hours spent out after seven pm. It took a while to get used to wearing sneakers day-after-day, but now...I love sneakers. I love my stretchy jeans. I love my acrylic sweaters. I love my dainty top-knot. It has all become my uniform (sometimes worn with or without a baby carrier) and believe or not I still have fun getting dressed, scratch that. I have MORE FUN getting dressed because tights and "slacks" are basically never involved, and when I do get to dress up (like for Shawn's birthday last week!) it's all the more fun to get out my shiny pants and pointy shoes and remind myself of what my clothes felt like pre-baby. Which is fun just until I come home and see my favorite
P.S. How embarrassing is my posture here?!


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