Mom Musts

1 // We just started using our Beaba Babyfood Maker, and I honestly thought I would just buy all of Juliette's baby food, but Shawn had a different idea. Making baby puree's are crazy-easy and then you can make any food combo (Juliette loves sweet potato + bell pepper and parsnip + apple).

2 // I carry Juliette all over Brooklyn, and I love love love our Beco Gemini carrier that's easy to put on, take off, and looks cute even when it has baby drool all over it (which is always).

3 // Our newish Nano Bloom highchair is lightweight, easy to clean, and looks like its made of white leather. Very chic! 

4 // The Beaba Babyfood Tray fits the 7 servings of our homemade babyfood that we throw in the freezer and can individually heat for Juliette. Perfect. 

5 // Juliette got this faux grocery bag with faux play-food (each piece makes noise!) and she loves faux-eating the food, although I'm sure she wishes the banana were real.This is easily her favorite toy.

6 // These lil' Gap booties go with everything, keep Juliette's mini-feet warm, and easily tone down and too-girly outfit (which happens like, always). They come in other colors but I'm happy with the cream, for now.


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