Catching Up With Tamara of Champagne + Macaroons

 I met Tamara of Champagne + Macaroons at a New York Fashion Week party last fall, and I was immediately drawn to her inviting personality...and her adorable outfit (I still regret not buying those grey booties for myself before they sold out!). 
Tamara is a born and bred Texan, but now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, my home-away-from-home, and therefore I'm so excited to feature her and her gorgeous blog on my Catching Up With series. Tamara has serious "I need that right now" style posts, and reading her blog is like catching up with your most uplifting friend.
I hope you enjoy catching up with her as much as I do!

I love your style that seems to include lots of neutrals! Any tips for dressing in neutrals?
I have always loved neutrals - I feel that they are a staple of any wardrobe and for me with my skin coloring and style neutrals seem to be the perfect match. I love a crisp white or a really nice creme color that brings out my hair and my eyes. I think dressing for your own personal coloring is extremely important. to putting your best self forward.

What is a shopping weakness for you?

Dresses. Anything that is a dress is a weakness for me. I could wear a dress everyday and be happiest. I love anything beach related that is where I feel most alive. 

That makes two of us! Do you have a go-to outfit?

Go to is usually something simple and neutral. I love to pair sweaters over dresses that I would normally wear in the summer like a little swing dress with a chunky sweater and tights with booties, and if you lived down the street from me you would probably see me in that + some sort of a hat. I am always in hats. 

Do you have a special recipe or favorite food you make often you’d like to share?

I do not cook often but I eat a very simple diet that is built around the foods I love most. I think listening to what your body craves is integral to your own personal diet plan. I hate diets I think they are a recipe for disaster and moderation is always a must. I am a pescatarian + vegetarian and eat tons of veggies and love juice.

Do you have a favorite book you like to recommend to your girlfriends?
My favorite book is Eat Pray Love. I read it two times right away and I think it has such a feel good message that is applicable to anyone no matter where they are in life or what their struggle might be in that moment. I love uplifting reads and a good beach read, I took The Fault in our Stars to a beach vacation and cried my eyes out but it is also another one that is up there. Also anything by Gabrielle Bernstein - so good! 
Do you have any secret talents or hobbies?
Ha I cannot reveal my secret talents but yes I love being outdoors, biking, walking, lately trying out ice skating and sledding, and I just started wake surfing last summer. I have always been an outdoor kind of girl but I am not an extremist. Something about being outside in the natural environment that makes me happiest.

Minnesota is the perfect place for a lover of the outdoors, especially if you have a few warm coats...Your Instagram photos are so often beautiful, fun and feminine! Any tips for taking such excellent lifestyle shots?

Just be who you are and that will always be the best image you can share. Someone else might have a beautiful feed but it isnt you. It is ok if you like bright colors and patterns or are totally different than the rest. I always want who I am to come across to my followers that is of utmost importance to me all the time. 

You look like you're in great shape, any fitness tips?

 I get this question a lot and yes. I am an extremely active person it is hard for me to sit down, just getting my nails done at the salon gives me so much anxiety because i feel like it is the biggest waste of time. I have a nightly routine and weights at my house because that seems to be the best recipe for me personally. I love being outside and staying active and just moving! 

That's so funny, I actually don't like getting my nails done either because just sitting there drives me nuts! On another note photos you've shared of your home are amazing! Your dogs are so lucky ha! What helped you put together such a pretty space?

I have a secret love affair with decor. Maybe that is a secret hobby of mine. I did the house all on my own. It has been a ton of work but totally worth every minute. I love to decorate and share that to inspire others. I also love finding good pieces at the most unlikely of places it doesn't have to be expensive to look good. 

Can you recommend any bloggers or celebs you look to for style inspiration or tips?
I am so inspired by the blogging community. I love seeing people shine or when my girlfriends have really exciting news to share that makes me happiest. I loved it when I read a recent post about Community over Competition.   Whoever started it deserves an award. Life is too short to compare or not support one another. Happily Grey has been a very big inspiration to me. She is a Texas girl like me who moved to Tennessee and she was apart of the blog world way before it was cool. I think she is so naturally beautiful and I love her style.  My favorite celebs with style are Sienna Miller + Sara Jessica Parker.

You live in Minneapolis, can you recommend any favorite spots for readers?

My favorite restaurant is Bar La Grassa - get the gnocchi and the red wine spaghetti and you can thank me lately. I love the lakes we live near one and my favorite part of summer is biking around the lake with the dogs. I also love all of our quaint coffee shops. I tend to frequent Urban Bean and Bull Run quite often and I also love the 50th and France neighborhood. The owners are all very passionate about their stores. One other spot is the Guthrie. My husband proposed to me here and I often go there to sit on the look out bridge and just take in the beautiful view of the city. I did a feature on MSP in 24 hours on the blog lots of fun info there! 

Okay I have to try all those the next time I'm in town, which is very soon! Do you have any advice for bloggers? 

Yes just be who you are. If you want to start a blog then go for it. I get a few emails a week about this exact topic and that is my number one piece of advice. If it is on your heart then follow it and just be who you are. Authenticity always shines brightest. 

Lastly, any Valentine plans you can share?

I am so happy valentines falls on a Sunday because we are making it a weekend of celebrating with another couple up at our family's cabin up north. We plan on sledding and riding snowmobiles and also cooking and just relaxing! 

Thanks Tamara! 
P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! 


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