Georgetown - Washington, D.C. Trip for NYE

As promised, here are a few recommendations and pics from our three-night trip to Georgetown, D.C. for New Year's Eve. I fell in love with Georgetown when we had a quick crab cake-stop there on our way to Charleston and knew I'd be back soon and I was right! We stayed in a fantastic historic rental that easily fit the three of us and our friends and their baby girl. Our place was an easy three blocks to all of the shopping (!) and restaurants and bars and Barre3, we did it all. 
I hope you've been there and love it or go there soon and love it! Enjoy!

 Shawn and I have diligently watched the last three seasons of The Americans on FX which is very very good but sometimes gives me scary dreams. After getting a bit obsessed about KGB spies every spring thanks this show, we had to hit the International Spy Museum while in D.C., which didn't disappoint! Right as you enter you are given a "secret identity" and led through the exhibitons that included :"Spy Tools" (the lipstick case single-shot gun was very cool), "Celebrity Spies" (Julia Childs! Marlene Diedtrich!), and "Bond Villians".  There was so much to look at and I really recommend this stop in D.C. even though it's not one of the free museums. 

 In case you didn't know this, all of the Smithsonian museums in D.C. are free! Not that we mind supporting museums, but it's great if you just want to pop into one for an hour or so. Which is just what we did visiting the Smithsonian American Art Museum. We only had an hour or so because the museum was closing, but we got to see the Irving Penn "Beyond Beauty" exhibit which was wonderful but a bit too intimate for Juliette as she wanted to "talk" to many of the people viewing the exhibit :)
What we did get to see was "beyond beauty" and I really recommend stopping here!

 Mini Recommendations :
Walking our of the large Georgetown Historic District
Walking tour or not, you'll be walking. Bring walk-friendly shoes.
Hit Paul, a fabulous French bakery with to-die-for (and huge) elephant ears.
Tour the Georgetown University campus and if you have a child you can tell them that's where both Bill Clinton and Julianna Margulies' character went on The Good Wife. So an obvious choice for a higher education.
We certainly used Juliette's stroller throughout the weekend, but it was very very nice having her carrier (we love the Honest Company's Beco Gemini) as the streets aren't always stroller-friendly and there's usually a lot of people on the street who don't love being run over by Juliette in her stroller.
P.S. our rental was happily close to a Trader Joe's that sold everything from their amahhhzing see salt brownies to Ernest Hemingway's preferred champagne (Piper-Heidsieck)...and a few other bottles we were interested in.


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