My Favorite Hat - which is saying a lot

Our Brooklyn co-op was built in 1941, and although it has 6 closets, each is small compared to the walk-in-sized ones found in new construction. Shawn and I each have one in our bedroom for ourselves (Shawn has actually never had an entire closet all to himself, so he keeps his very clean, organized, and shows everyone his adorable, impeccable closet when they come over for the first time, seriously I should do a post about it).  I, however, have had my fair share of closet space, and everything doesn't fit perfectly in 1941. Shawn said I could pick one thing to put in his closet, and I chose my growing hat collection. I think a hat, assuming it fits my size large head, is the easiest way to make an outfit seem...cooler. It also hides your face from the sun, in New York you can find decent ones for sale on the streets of SoHo for less than $30, and, in my case, I get to go into my husbands type-A closet every time I want to wear one.
This red one I bought last summer from Anthropologie is my favorite, and although I've lost many-a-hat on an airplane or in a restaurant, this one I'm careful with, very careful.
Shorts // Asos Maternity, Hat // old, similar here, Top // old, similar here, Shoes // Soludos, Bag // old, similar here


  1. I do the SAME thing with hats! I'm much more careless with them than I am with sunglasses. It's my main reason for avoiding them now. Saves me unnecessary heartbreak really.



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