Small Announcement

If you've been following along on Instagram, or you're my mom, or my boss, you're well aware Shawn and I are expanding our twosome come August! We got our good news early-morning in December, and I faux-cocktailed my way through the holidays until we could tell family and friends in January. 
I didn't want to putz around for eight months looking at yellow and soft grey onesies, and we (by "we" I mean "I") decided to find out the gender immediately. We were so excited, and a bit surprised, to learn we were having a girl, and we both can't stop telling each other what we think she'll be like ("Shawn's perfect ears!", "my untameable eyebrows!, "a soccer player!", "a Rockette!").
I plan on including Baby Baron and the antics that will ensue on P.S. I'm from the Midwest, but will make sure to keep her out of it as much as I can...for now. 
Thank you for reading and to all of your thoughtful well-wishes on Instagram. Here's to August 2015!


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