wearing // these almost-free beanies that come in a billions colors (some exaggerations here but still)

applying // I finally got another bottle of my favorite-ever best-ever serum that comes with a free gift now at Bloomies!

dancing to // well technically not yet...but the new Alabama Shakes album is out April 21st and Shawn and I are pretty psyched

shopping for // "decky" sandals that will dress up the easiest, plainest, oldest maxi dress

watching with the girls // Bravo's Southern Charm, especially as I went to school at the College of Charleston and like and excuse for Thai delivery and Southern scandal
snacking on // pricey cheese! The more $ spend on Gruyere the better, it's always worth it...trussstttt

coveting // a lightweight tote with a huge strap for warm months wandering Brooklyn, I love this one from Longchamp

reading // the new issue of the magazine I work for, Nylon!


  1. Wow, you work for NYLON? That is so cool! Also, love that purse, totally going on my with list, too!


  2. I love cheese, so gimme. :)
    Happy Tuesday, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. I love this! What a great idea for a quick, fun post. :) So glad that I discovered your blog!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

  4. Definitely bought one of those beanies after reading this!


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