Treat Yo Self this Valentine's Day

For the last six Valentine's Days, Shawn has given me thoughtful, adorable gifts along with a nice meal and beautiful card. Perfection. Love it. 
In the spirit of love, I always find it's a good idea to get something for yourself, single or totally not single. Behind the 'love' aspect, Valentine's day is represented by a lot of my favorite things: pink, silk, chocolate, chalk-flavored candy, lipstick markings, fuzzy socks with cupid on them that probably came from your mom (I would like to clarify my mom bought me a gorgeous, expensive, non-practical bra every year and I always thought that was amazing), etc.
If I'm not getting my point across let me say it this way, "Treat Yo Self".
Here are my Happy-Valentine's-Day-To-Me picks:


  1. Love your picks! That purse is amazing.


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