Beauty Review: Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask

I may get discount haircuts and shop for my business casuals at Forever 21, but when it comes to skincare (well, and cheese) no wallet is thick enough; I make sure my face and grilled cheeses get only the best. I'll make sure to do a post with all my skincare favs down the road, but I truly believe in a great mask to help my complexion. I'm a huge fan of reading Emily Weiss' Into the Gloss beauty blog, and couldn't get out my Visa card fast enough when I saw her skincare line, Glossier, came out with two new masks. 
I didn't have any trouble deciding between the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask and the Moisturizing Moon Mask as it's the winter time and everything from my face to Shawn's plants are dry dry dry (both masks are priced at a reasonable $22). The Moon Mask brags to soothe, plump, brighten, and clean the kitchen sink. 
Here's my review!

First off the mask is delivered in a pretty pink package with pretty pictures and stickers!
I appreciate that there were no weird smells and no stinging (which I don't usually mind but it was easier to get Shawn to try it when I told him it wouldn't "hurt")
I left the mask on for twenty minutes while I cleaned the entire house! Kidding! I actually made a cheese omelet and toast.
And I'm into it! My skin definitely feels "glowish" and soothed. This mask is definitely great for the winter time to bring a dewy summer feel to my skin. 
Glossier's Moon Mask will have a place on my shelf...until I buy my next mask.


  1. Wooow! I love your blog. I hope you will like mine

  2. Winter skin is killingggggg me- so dry and easily irritated. I need to try this mask on for size!
    You look gorgeous all fresh-faced. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Is it possible to use this moisturizing mask as a normal moisturizer? Like, leave it on the face overnight? Or do you have to wash it off after the 20 min mark?

  4. I did find an article where the writer mentions that she kept the moisturizing mask on overnight: "Next up was the Moisturizing Moon Mask, which I slathered on with ease thanks to its rich, yet super-silky finish. In fact, it was so light and lovely that I didn't want to take it off. I decided to use it in place of my winter night cream and slept with it on. This was a glorious decision as when #IWokeUpLikeThis, my skin was dewy, bouncy, and oh so glowy."


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