All I Want For Christmas Are Black Cigarette Pants

My birth certificate, college diploma, and business cards have always read 'Hollyn', however according to family friends I'm 'Holly' or 'Holls' (Shawn still calls me Hollyn because he's all formal like that). Therefore I've always had a soft spot for Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn's character in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and Audrey herself, and read several Audrey Hepburn biographies in middle school. 

Looking back on my wealth of Audrey knowledge I can pair up a lot of similarities between the two of us. We have the same name (well, with Holly Golightly)! We are brunettes! She named her son 'Sean' which is technically the same name as my husband, Shawn. We were dedicated ballerinas! I was a one-fourth owner of a terrier at one point, and Audrey always owned terriers named 'Mr. Famous. Basically we are one step from being conjoined twins a'la Sarah Paulson's characters American Horror Story, but with better eyelashes. 

Although most women don't have as much in common as, ahem, I do with Ms. Hepburn (according to moi anyway), millions see her as a style and philanthropical icon. I put together some gift ideas that friends, moms, sisters, me, and even Audrey Herself would love.

Bag made by Audrey's fav designer, Givenchy // Bergdorf Goodman
Audrey's co-star in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Cat // Adopt from the Best Friends Animal Society
How Audrey Got Around Paris // Target
Audrey Print // Lauren Taylor Creates 
Ballet "Slippers" // ModCloth
Costume Necklace, because "diamonds look tacky on women under fifty"// BooHoo
Sleep Mask // Etsy
Sunglasses for the "mean reds" // Mango


  1. Such an adorable concept! Love the theme and I also love all things Hepburn :)
    I love all your finds!
    Milk Stripes


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