The First Thanksgiving (at our new place)

Americans trace their Thanksgiving traditions back to the o.g. first Thanksgiving in 1621, where pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians gathered for a harvest-themed, 3-day feast. Great. Love it.
Shawn and I are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year, making it our very own “First Thanksgiving”, and my parents, baby sister, best friend from Minnesota and her family, and a few other people are all coming to our 900sqft apartment for a harvest-themed party. Therefore Shawn and I plan on starting some traditions of our own. I would like mine to be that slippers are mandatory and we have a champagne toast before eating. Shawn’s are more along the lines of making steamed broccoli as a healthy side dish. To each their own.

Here are a list of “First” Thanksgiving traditions we plan on starting together:
  • making a jumbo turkey breast instead of an entire turkey, we are doing this because it’s also what Ina Garten prefers
  • having mussels as a side dish because we love them
  • using my Grandparent’s toile china we received as a wedding gift – it’s beautiful and perfect for a family gathering
  • going to a museum on Black Friday
  • ditching next-day leftovers in favor of lunch at Tavern on the Green instead
  • Shawn and I wearing the matching aprons my parents got for us, his reads ‘le chef’ while mine says ‘sous chef’, so everyone knows who the real cook is…

We are excited to host our first Thanksgiving, but honestly a little nervous…any tips?


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