Thanksgiving Wish List

I've only mentioned about a million times that Shawn and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving, but there’s so much to think about! My family is coming to town, we’re still working out an oven strategy, there is an ongoing discussion about just ordering pre-made mashed poatatoes, I have no idea what I’ll wear (I’m thinking a casual-girly-chic-warm combo), what the table will look like, how we’ll pass the time when everyone gets sick of watching Matt Lauer get excited about a floating Snoopy balloon – and I decided to put everything going on in my head onto my computer screen because #ilovemoodboards and I need to get seriously #organized.
Throughout this process I’ve decided I don’t yet own a cashmere sweater AND that Neiman Marcus has online gourmet food shopping. Glorious!
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  1. Your Thanksgiving wish list is now my wish list - #10 please!


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