Help Me Pinterest: Dressing for the Cold Outfit Ideas

There are a lot of problems I go to my husband with – how to work a USB, hot to postpone jury duty, and how to clean our juicer? Some problems I take to my mom – are sparkly tablecloths ‘okay’, will I like the beet ravioli, are store bought mashed potatoes as good as homemade? I go to my girlfriends with another set of conundrums – are fury sunglasses okay, why can’t I find a chardonnay that satisfies me, do my leggings look like real leather?
When no one is around to help me, I go to my source that is always available and never judgmental: Pinterest. It’s where I store my cheese plate and outfit ideas, and where I go when I need wardrobe inspiration or new workout videos (as I've obviously 100% mastered all of my workout DVD’s, just kidding!).
Lately I’ve been feeling a bit lackluster in my black puffer coat, struggling to look hot and stay warm at the same time. I took my latest problem to my bestie Pinterest, and here’s what the solutions are.
It hard to go wrong in all neutrals, and tons of white fur is always a good idea.
Laughing off that idea to not wear gloves is always a good idea.
Winter shorts are like wearing winter pants when you wear them with tights! I kid. Sort of...
This is very "Hollyn" - I'm surely naming my first two children "Hot Pink Baron" and "Leopard Baron". I kid! Sort of....
Cold ankles calls for hot tea.
This is also very "Hollyn". The scarf is like wearing a bib, so hot chocolate is (with any luck) will NOT be spilled on winter whites. Genius.
This is perfect for winter because my mom has the same coat (I bought it for her) and now I can borrow it from her. 


  1. Loving this idea, and her yellow coat is gorgeous!!

    XO Chelsea

  2. Such cute inspiration! I am dying over the pom hat and plaid scarf.

    xx Cara

  3. Love these inspiration pictures! I love Olivia Palermo's yellow coat!

    - Deniz

  4. Love all of these coats! Pinterest is the perfect goto for inspiration!

  5. I love a good faux cur collar and a blanket scarf! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge


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