Knees Please

I probably have fifteen pairs of jeans. Purple ones, a pair with tiny stripes, waxed, flare, stretchy, college one’s I can’t seem to part with. Okay so maybe twenty pairs.
I have very little (read, zero) room in my “jean bin” for any other jean trends to come along. However this fall it’s all about showing a tiny bit of knee, and I want in. I attempted to make this adorable knee breather on my own with one of my twenty-five pairs I felt I could part with if things went wrong, and they did. So this means I am down to fifty-seven pairs of jeans and deserve a no-room-for-knee-modesty pair. Stat.
1 // Forever 21 // $20
2 // Madewell // $128
3 // Topshop // $75
4 // Asos // $60
5 // Madewell // $90
6 // Boohoo // $50
7 // Paige Denim // $209
8 // Paige Denim // $239


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I am in the market for another pair of distressed jeans and this is a good roundup.


  2. Paige denim is my favorite jean line and I love your choices!


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