For Our Upcoming Open Weekend

In one of my two favorite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the other is the wildly underrated Adventures in Babysitting), the character played by George Peppard declares he’s never had champagne before breakfast and so he and Audrey Hepburn’s character decide they’ll spend all day taking turns doing things they’ve never done.  
If Shawn and I decided to take an day entire doing things we've never done, this would be our list:

1.      Learn how to make a perfectly acceptable Manhattan cocktail
2.      Try on couture at Oscar de la Renta at Bergdorfs. Leave coutureless explaining “I need something    more high-end”
3.      Go to the top of the Empire State building
4.      Memorize all of the words to a hardcore gansta rap song
5.      Work the lunch shift at a soup kitchen
6.      Make perfectly acceptable brownies…from scratch

1.      Take a hip hop class
2.      Visit the Intrepid Museum
3.      Go kayaking on the Hudson
4.      Take a guitar lesson
5.      Go into the rare book room at The Strand
6.      Use our car to drive around as an Uber

S   We are free all weekend so you may see us when we pick you up for your Uber ride, eating brownies and wearing kayaking gear because...


  1. Love Breakfast at Tiffany's and LOVE a good Manhattan. Great lists!
    Thanks for stopping by Lake Shore Lady!


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