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When Bonobos came to me to ask if I’d be interested in sharing some men’s fashion, I felt a bit unqualified for the task, even though I’m a big fan of the brand. The next day I was responding to my husband’s “what can I wear that I don’t need to iron?” and had my ‘aha’ menswear moment. Not only do I help select clothing for my well-dressed husband, but I have bought him or linked pinkies with him while he purchased almost everything he owns, including some of his favorite shirts which are by Bonobos.
I’m excited to share not only the Bonobos fall men’s suit collection (ahem, and it’s models) but also some insight from their creative team about getting dressed up and the male (fashion)mind. Thanks to the Bonobos Creative Team for answering all of my questions!

P.S. The new fall collection is a bit more formal, why do you feel now is a good time to introduce a slightly more dapper look to men?
Bonobos: Guys are finally starting to care about how they look and dress more than ever before. For the longest time it was this area of ill-fitting denim and oversized shirts, which never look good. I think guys finally just got to a point where they were ready to find things that fit them and looked good.

P.S. I feel that, especially for men, fashion is becoming more tech-savy and vice versa. How has Bonobos embraced this?
Bonobos: Bonobos specifically was built on an e-commerce platform so the tech aspect has always been ingrained in our DNA and how we present our clothing to this new way of retail. While we don’t have any clothing that’s going to buzz and whistle when something happens, we like the idea of incorporating stealth technology into our clothes like adding a slanted interior pocket into our blazers to make it easier to access items. Or even adding removable lining in our parkas to make the jacket a piece that works for the cooler fall temperatures and the frigid weather of winter.  

P.S. Genius! My husband will love that. I think that guys like dressing up just as much as women do, even if it’s just more than jeans and a tee. How do you recommend adding an element to raise the bar on a guy’s everyday look?
Bonobos: You can never go wrong with a blazer, it instantly elevates an outfit. If you’re looking to add a bit of color, 5-pocket cords in a seasonal color are a great option. Also just a nice pop from a pocket square too.

P.S. : So, my brother-in-law is very much the type to own one black suit that will be worn for decades. But the other day he said he wanted something other than a black suit, and went out and bought a suit with a green/gray color. This surprised me. What do you recommend for men who usually just stick to wearing black suits?
Bonobos: f you’re typically a black suit guy, try another classic color like navy or grey. They actually are much more versatile than a black suit most times and work with any season.

P.S. My husband wears Bonobos and is definitely well-dressed (I take only partial credit!). However there’s still a struggle with what to wear every day to his job in the tech industry. Any advice?
Bonobos: It all depends on the company environment and culture really. You truly can never go wrong with a dark pair of denim, an oxford shirt and a blazer though. If his company is more casual than that, pair that blazer with a clean, ironed t-shirt for an even more dressed down look.

P.S. That’s great advice. In terms of wearing a suit and really getting dressed up, how do men dress differently between East Coast, West Coast, and the Midwest?
Bonobos: I think each region, much like any individual, has their own style or way they interpret fashion. However, I don’t think that necessarily means any one region dresses different than the other. One person in the Midwest might dress similarly to a person on the East coast. I think it’s dependent on what clothing you think speaks to your style and own day-to-day life.

P.S. Any tips for men shopping at that can’t make it into one of the Guideshops?
Bonobos: If you’d like to still get that personal styling advice like we provide in our Guideshops, I would recommend using our eGuide service. Free of charge and a great way to get all the style and fit tips you may need. If you got a handle on dressing though, I recommend buying a few things in various fits and sizes to ensure you’re finding your perfect fit.

P.S. Last question, I think it’s important for my husband and I to coordinate when getting dressed up for an event but definitely not match. What’s your take on this?
Bonobos: While I don’t think it’s totally necessary to coordinate these days, if you are going to do this, I would recommend sticking to a somewhat neutral color palette as these colors always work with each other. Then let your personal style take over and go from there. 
Here are my three favorites from the collection:
The Capstone Slim Tuxedo in Navy
The Capstone Slim Tuxedo in Gray
The Foundation Slim Wool Flannel in Navy

P.S. First time shoppers get 20% off


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