Trends to Watch at New York Fashion Week

There is a time of year in Manhattan when it is impossible to catch a cab or get a dinner reservation, Joan Rivers is in town, and if you threw a stick it would most likely hit a girl no shorter than 6’1” with great hair. Oh I know! It’s Fashion Week. This year I’ll be attending a few shows, and as excited as I am to see J. Crew’s fall collection, the real fashion happens around the exterior of Lincoln Center where editors, starlets (not to be confused with streetwalkers) and bloggers show off their Balenciaga leatherpants and Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals. Here are some favorite street style hits from NYFW 2013 that I think will carry over as 2014 trends. We’ll find out how psychic I am on September 12th when it’s all over and the models move on to make the people of London look short with unshiny hair.

Overalls and neon are still everywhere right?
Cream on cream on cream with braids - Miroslava Duma is always stylish
The Courtin-Clarins girls will be around I'm sure
Sporty on top, girly on the bottom - Leandra Medina of Man Repeller
All black American classics down to the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag
Furs and skinnies y'all
Big smiles, utility green, and straight out of a J. Crew shopping spree
Why wear a hat when you could just lug around a hat box? No but really this dress is adorable.
Oh I almost forgot bloggers with camera phones and leather...wait that's what i was going to wear..


  1. NYFW is a such a fun + exciting time! I definitely want to go someday. :)



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