P.S. I Want to be a Food Critic

When I saw Julia Roberts getting paid to chow down with Dermot Mulroney in My Best Friend’s Wedding, I decided being a food critic must be the best job ever, and being that that movie came out in 1997 there was some tough competition as being Carson Daly’s intern also seemed like an appealing career choice.
VJ’s aside, I’m lucky to live in a city with some of the world’s best cuisine, and I should really be taking advantage of this delicious opportunity to write a humble review once in a while, if only to keep track of all the great restaurants I’ve been to.

Our friends opened Greenpoint Fish & Lobster, a locally caught seafood market/raw bar restaurant, last Wednesday and I knew the tasteful décor and seafood dishes were too photogenic to not share.
I was (easily) talked into the rose wine on tap (from the Finger Lakes winery Gotham Project) which wasn’t too rosey (a good thing) if you know what I mean. Shawn is a tough beer critic but really loved the Grey Lady beer from Cisco Brewers which I thought tasted like a fancy beer with a lemon in it. I’ve never had clam chowder so we ordered a bowl of that plus the coconut curry mussels and a lobster roll (because obviously). 
The chowder was flavorful and not too rich, and I could have bottled the mussel broth and drank it alone it was so addicting. The lobster roll had the perfect amount of mayo (hardly any) and was a perfect sweet/chewy combo. The restaurant was gorgeous (more photos here on DesignSponge) and had a fancy fish shack/nautical vibe that was clean and hip without being pretentious.
Also I think I had the perfect outfit on as last Saturday as New York’s temp that day could well have been the same weather we had for Halloween last year and called for a mini sweater.

Clam chowder, mussels and rose, respectively
Shorts // Piperlime (on sale!), Sandals // Sam Edelman, Crop Sweater // Forever 21, Hat // Forever 21, Bag// Zara, similar here

Real press for Greenpoint Fish & Lobster:
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  1. I TOTALLY wanted to be a VJ back in the day, too! :)

    That lobster roll looks divine! Yum.


  2. Thanks Ashley! Glad I have a friend missing TRL with me!

  3. I want to join you as a food critic! Chicago could keep me busy for days. Love your casual outfit, too!

  4. I really LOVE your outfit! The shorts, the hat, etc. -- PERFECT! xx


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