Pretty and Organized

As I’ve mentioned before, Shawn and I are buying (yay!) a cute little Brooklyn co-op, and we spend a good part of our weekends day-dreaming about new couches and what will go in which closet (there are six odd-sized closets total=amazing).
I also have a few new abode resolutions, not unlike the NewYear’s kind, just without champagne and a paper tiara and more Container Storeish.
Starting with my makeup/hair corner which now includes a huge box of semi-organized (mostly bronzer) makeup and a mesh bin with makeup bags buried under my hair dryer/straightener/curling iron. So it’s a “beautiful” mess. I would include a ‘before’ photo but I really don’t intend to scare anyone today.
I would truly love to invest in a more organized space where the “magic” happens, and here are a few solutions I have my mascara’d eyes on :
Acrylic 1-Drawer Case $59
Beauty Organizer with Docking Station $80
Pottery Barn Mirrored Organizer $49-$159
Beauty Vanity $139
Glass Shadow Boxes $24-$39
Acrylic 5-Drawer Case $27


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