Honorable Mentions : Saratoga Springs Getaway

It could have been the chilled lobster served with an extra salty margarita, or realizing I like hiking when it means we get to have a staring contest with a baby deer, or the boat ride that came with a plastic cup filled with $7 wine, but Shawn and I had a particularly amazing weekend. The kind where we finish off Sunday night and realize if our lives are half this great down the road we’ll still be incredibly happy and in love.

We got a head start to the amazing weekend on Thursday (we had half days at our respective offices) and used the rest of the afternoon to eat frozen yogurt and shop for pricey cheese. Can you imagine how anything could possibly get better after that? Here’s the rest:

The kind of house you'll see around Saratoga, which is the kind that could easily pass in a Nancy Meyers film.
Oh and did I mention I happened to go to a Phish concert? Yep.
These shiny horses are all over the racing town of Saratoga. Naturally I had to pet a few. 
How perfect was our day at the beach? We were at Moreau Lake State Park and didn't even get a sunburn.
Here's me literally running to the fountain pool at Shawn's alma mater in Albany.
Here's that deer I mentioned.
Oh you don't wear your bathing suit on hikes? Liar. Shawn calls this Hiking Barbie.
The fried chicken at Hatties in Saratoga should not be missed, obviously. The pancakes weren't bad either (like, I'm still thinking about them)
Our time at the Sagamore was perfectly lux as it involved the chilled seafood below. Oh and a jalapeno margarita.
We did the Minnehaha Steamboat tour around Lake George.
And drank wine while looking at mansions like this.

 I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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