Gym Clothes Upgrade

After last weekend’s sins that included fried chicken, hula hoop-sized pancakes, and more than one Prosecco split, I am focusing this week on eating quinoa and doing squats (well, except for the pizza I know I’m having for dinner tonight).

Working out is exceedingly more tolerable when the clothes involved can double as an after-gym brunch date or an after-Pilates happy hour. Net-A-Porters new focus on chic sportswear is here to help, with everything from floral leggings that fit in at the farmer’s market and a tennis dress I would wear to a club (note that I play tennis far more often than I go to clubs and this year I’ve played tennis once so…)

A bonus is you won’t look like a Lululemon fruitcake fan and will be wearing something more original for roughly the same price. I’m in! All items can be bought online here and arrive in beautiful black boxes. Happy shopping and sweating!

Everything available at Net-A-Porter


  1. Great minds think alike! I just look at their stuff the other day, freakin' amazing :) Time to upgrade upgrade my work out wardrobe ;)

  2. I love new (and cute!) workout gear. It's honestly the only thing that gets me excited for the gym, ha! :)


  3. All of these items are super, super cute! Definitely need to check them out - Lulu is so expensive!
    Isn’t That Charming.

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