Boyfriend Jorts Please

I am all about sharing clothes with your spouse. When I underpacked (yes women do that) for our honeymoon, I wore one of Shawn’s sweaters and it looked fantastic being a bit oversized with white jeans. It made me realize that shopping for him was a lot like shopping for me as well. We’ll be perusing the sale rack at Club Monaco and I’ll see which of the items I could very well fit into my own wardrobe, and then insist they make it to the dressing room. I see it as 49% selfish and 51% uber-smart shopping.
So when I saw a picture of Lily Aldridge (below top right) wandering Soho in a crop top and boyfriend shorts, I knew I needed a pair as the look was effortless and the shorts made the crop top look less like an after dark item and more daytime appropriate.
I took advantage of Shawn being out at a soccer game to try on his shorts (ahem, not pictured) and see what I could do about not actually having to buy a pair. I realized Shawn has only 3 pairs of shorts (I have maybe 18 and counting). All of his shorts were grayish chinos that would look not great on even Lily Aldridge.
So…the search is on. Here are some contenders and inspiration. P.S. I just bought these and love them!

1. Scotch & Soda
2. GAP
3. Scotch & Soda
4. H&M 
5. Scotch & Soda


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