The Girls Guide to the World Cup (with a little help from a guy)

My dear husband, Shawn, is a soccer super fan. He played on his college soccer team, plays in NYC now, is obsessed with the Premiere league, and will be attending (as in flying his cute butt to Brazil) his second world cup (as in he also flew that butt to South Africa 4 years ago). That kind of fan. Sure, I played soccer growing up and my sister still has her Mia Hamm Wheaties box, but it’s not totally my “thing”.

As Shawn is an insanely supportive blogger husband, I too will be a supportive World Cup wife. Which means for the next three (ugh, or is it four?) weeks I’ll be a #TeamUSA fan even when Shawn is off being an extremely careful spectator at the World Cup in Brazil. I have done my “research” and have found five very good reasons (aka the dreamiest players) for paying close attention to all of the U.S. matches (although the U.S. won’t likely go very far in the tournament as they are in a “death” group and are having to play early games against teams that will probably win the whole thing i.e. Germany and Portugal…drama drama). The U.S. Team has some, errr, excellent talent that Shawn and I appreciate for different reasons. So here are my top five U.S. players to cheer for and Shawn’s knowledgeable take on why they are an asset to the team:

Kyle Beckerman

Hollyn Says: Kyle has pretty brown eyes, a girlfriend, was a state wrestling champion and enjoys listening to (obviously) reggae music in his spare time.

Shawn Says: This deep-lying midfielder is playing in his first World Cup, and can use his workmanlike skills to help shore up the center of the park for the U.S. While many don't view Beckerman as a so-called "world-class" player, I'm happy for him as a player for putting his head down and making the squad.
Geoff Cameron

Hollyn Says: Geoff seems like he spends a lot of time on his hair, is a "proud Bostonian" (according to his Twitter feed, and has an adorable little mustache on his U.S. Soccer profile.

Shawn Says: Cameron has the potential to lead the U.S. defense for years to come after a solid season under his belt for Stoke City in the Barclay's Premier League. Although often played out of position on the right for his club, he's hoping to cement his place in the center of defense for the U.S.
Fabian Johnson

Hollyn Says: This flirty German is just 26-years old and has a gorgeous tattoo sleeve on his left arm. BONUS: Fabian is fluent in English!

Shawn Says: Fabian Johnson is one of many German-based players on this U.S. squad, benefiting from Klinsman's extensive scouting of dual-nationality players. He has a lot to prove since his time with the team has been limited so far, but brings a bit of class to the U.S. backline.
Chris Wondolowski

Hollyn Says: Chris is a cutie Californian who is half Native American, his warrior name translates to "Warrior Coming Over The Hill", adorable!

 Shawn Says: "Wondo" may not be the most mobile center-forward we've ever seen, but this perennial MLS top goal scorer may have the finishing touch required for the biggest stage on Earth. He's the main man who kept Donovan out of the squad, and has a nation's expectations on his shoulders should he see the pitch during this World Cup.
Tim Howard

Hollyn Says: This goalkeeping Jersey boy has Tourette Syndrome and can slam-dunk a basketball!

Shawn Says: Timmy has been the rock between the posts for the U.S. and is the one player on the squad who can honestly be called "world-class". After a standout campaign for Everton in the Barclay's Premier League, this World Cup may be Howard's swan song, and he may just be the guy to get us through to the knockout stages.

We hope this helps your World Cup viewing experience...Go get em' USA!


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