My Sister's Wedding

To break up the summer heat a bit, I thought I’d finally share some of the professional photos from my sister’s beautiful winter wedding that took place in Omaha, Nebraska last winter. I could have posted months ago, but I thought Marena and her new husband Pat could have the photos to themselves for a while and it would be fun to remind everyone there was snow on the ground just a few months ago.

Marena and Pat (with a lil’ help) put together a non-Christmasy wedding that still felt like a Scottish winter wonderland. They included plaid, gold, fur jackets, a hot chocolate bar and even a kilt-wearing bagpiper to bring all of this together. All the bridesmaids (there were 11 in total, Marena is an extremely popular girl around Omaha!) wore the long navy dress of their choice (I bought mine days before the wedding during a J. Crew super-sale) and fur jackets. I took advantage of my fur coat even after the wedding, wearing the jacket when I wanted to feel like a snowy disco queen even in sub-temps.

A few other details; Marena put little different-flavored cakes on each table to serve as a centerpiece and a way for people to mingle with other tables and taste a few different cakes, when brunching the next day, I asked Pat how he was doing and he just said, “That dress.”, their dog, Jerry, was featured in photos around the wedding however was, unfortunately, not invited.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as our family did!

Marena’s Dress: Martiana Liana
My dress: J. Crew
Photographer: Andrey Mikityuk
Fur Coats: This is also, confidential as they from a website that could described as “dodgy” and “confusing”


  1. Thanks for sharing those photos, Hollyn! The romantic vibe of the wedding were perfectly captured in them. You all look stunning and surreal in every shot! And I must say, your fur coats made the wedding motif quite remarkable. Cheers!

    Stephen Young @ Pixcellence Photography


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