Honorable Mentions

Cuddling with little precious baby Hugo yesterday, our good friend's new little boy. Love at first hug.
Getting "supplies" for the Western themed party my girlfriends were having on Saturday night. I love Party City and don't fine the music, the clientele, or cheap faux mustaches annoying. I'm also being dead serious.
Shawn embracing the Western theme from the party. I am trying to get him to pull this out for a non-party evening if you know what I mean...
Personality-perfect representations of hoedown attire.
The dessert from my birthday dinner at Charlie Bird in SoHo. Who knew chocolate cake, olive oil ice cream, and brown butter rice crispies could be so exceptional? (answer: I do now).
My little sister, Madina, graduated from HS! I'm so proud of her (and her perfect makeup no?) and can't wait to celebrate with her in a few and all of our friends and family in Minnesota in a few weeks.


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