Honorable Mentions

The month of June in Minnesota is always particularly crazy, and not because it’s wedding season everywhere but because every Saturday and Sunday are packed with back-to-back grad parties that are a particularly “big deal” in the state of Minnesota (and quite possibly throughout the Midwest).

Families with a recent high school graduate can expect to visit anywhere from five to twenty other parties, along with throwing a party for 200+ people in their own home/back yard/garage. Everyone tries to get more and more creative with ways to serve meat to the masses, pulled pork , sloppy joes, and pig roasts are popular (I had BBQ chicken at mine). Beers and cakes are consumed, and the grad walks away with a pile of personal checks to start off their college career with book and beer money.

Last weekend was my little sister Madina’s party, which was decorated with matryoshka dolls (she was born in Kazakhstan) and anything to do with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (including over 200 brats!) where she’ll be attending college in the fall. Here are some pics from the weekend (my favorite being Shawn at the grill obviously). 
We all happened to have faux-pajama pants and felt they were necessary to wear in public for a few hours.
All dressed up with my sisters the day of the party...PS how much does Marena (on the right) look like Kate Middleton?
Ruining a pretty shot of our backyard with obnoxious poses.
Madina's pretty (and delish) cake next to a fraction of her matryoshka doll collection

How cute is my dad driving the boat?


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