Honorable Mentions: Beacon, NY Getaway

Last weekend was planned months ago, and talked about even before that as we wanted to come up with the most Holly and Shawn weekend ever to celebrate our first anniversary. We settled on a bed and breakfasty situation in Beacon, NY, as our anniversary was on the same day as their famed Strawberry Festival. We spent our anniversary weekend watching soccer, drinking tons of beer, eating organic strawberries surrounded by the granola-type folks who reside in Beacon, and ending the weekend splitting a canoli and store-bought roasted chicken watching House of Cards. This may not seem like everyone’s idea of a romantic weekend, but it was spot-on for the two of us. And if you have ever tried to hand-feed someone a canoli, you know how much laughter we had to cap off the weekend.
I don't usually drink beer (I'm that girl having a Pinot at a dive bar) but they felt more drinkable in those cute little glasses and they went nicely with the world's most gorgeous pick plat at Hop's on Maine St in Beacon.
How cute is this guy eating a Belgian waffle and how adorable is the breakfast setting at Mt. Beacon Bed and Breakfast?
I famously hate hiking - but I don't when the hike is only 1.5 miles. Easy.
These adorable ladies at the Beacon Strawberry Festival slaving over freshly-made whipped cream obviously have my dream job and look good doing it. 
The sweet gifts I got from Shawn for our first anniversary. We are sticking with giving the gift-type according to year, and the first year is paper. I received beautiful Crane & Co. stationery with my new name and he threw in a vintage typewriter for using the paper. Not to mention the perfect wrap-job. Bravo Shawn!


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