Post-Grad Advice

Me on graduation day from the College of Charleston. White lace, pearls, red roses, looking like I had a bit too much fun the night before: classic.
My little sister and my sister-in-law are both graduating soon (my sister from high school, Shawn’s from college), and I would love to give a little advice to upcoming college grads. I had the best time in high school, a better time in college, and an even better after-college life living in Brooklyn with three other “single” girls, so I feel decently qualified.

So here it is, words of wisdom for girls who are graduating from college and are starting their careers, making new friends, and maybe meeting the person they’ll grow old with:

  • -Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year – unless you get a job at frozen yogurt place or something, you wardrobe will definitely warp from halter tops with cutoffs to pencil skirts and “slacks”. Make room for those H&M blazers!
  • -Buy a popcorn popper – popcorn is like, $1 for a huge bag of kernels and it lasts forever and supposedly it’s Madonna’s snack of choice.
  • -It's not all like Sex in the City - for one, the price of Manolo's has skyrocketed, and here are a million other reasons from one of my favorite bloggers.
  • -Learn to share – why have 1 wardrobe when you can have 4? If you live with a handful of girls like I did, you’ll have ample outfits for first dates, interviews, meeting the parents, etc. Just make sure special items are dry-cleaned before returning them to your friends and don’t borrow anything white.
Sharing outfits...and an MGMT poster.

  • -Read or watch something that could in no way be correlated to Britney Spears (ie steal an Economist from your dentist or talk your parents into giving you a weekends-only subscription to a local newspaper). Trust me you’ll feel better watching episodes of Fashion Police if you also know some current events.
Not reading Us Weekly.

  • -Keep candy at your desk at all times - If people know you as “Haribo Hollyn” or similar you’re in good shape to know all of the latest office gossip and get any advice or help you may need to make sure you are killing it at your day job.
  • -Learn how to make a few real meals – your body and your boyfriend will appreciate your ability to throw a little feta cheese in a pile of quinoa and call it a Skinny Greek salad.
  • -Make new friends – because if you don’t your roommates will all get sick of each other. Find a friend at work or at the gym or through your boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriends – as long as they don’t share your address.
  • -But keep the old – try to stay in touch with high school and college friends. It’s okay if you can’t talk on the phone even once a month, just send them something nostalgic on their birthday and make sure to comment on their Instagram photos telling them they look hot/happy/are wearing a cute outfit
  • -Find a hobby outside of your job – chances are you won’t be getting your dream job at 22, and you’ll be wondering what your “purpose” is. I started a blog with my best friend, and it turned into a way for us to bond AND have a creative outlet. 

Congrats to all the grad's!
P.S. Here's evidence to always keep your best cutoffs, even if they're just for the weekend.


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