I Love the 90's : Birkenstocks

Although Birkenstocks trace their roots to being developed in 1774 by a German shoemaker, the foot-friendly footwear didn’t really take off until the early 90’s when they were seen at college campus’ everywhere as the “it” shoe. For some time after, Birkenstocks couldn’t compete with $2 flip flops and Spice World-inspired shoes, and lost their “touch”. However…

Birkenstocks are back! Thanks to Celine and Anna Wintour, feet are once again #winning thanks to the orthopedic-approved trend that is being seen everywhere. I’m happy to shell out $89.95 for shoes that are stylish, comfy, and make me reminisce the 90’s. Bring on the Birks!

Here are some Birk-friendly outfits I adore:


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