Games for Adults

Do you need help having more fun outside on a nice, sunny day? Me neither.  In case you know someone who does, here are some nice-day games for playing on the lawn (then immediately defriend that person). Kidding!

No really, everyone is always “hey let’s bring the Frisbee”, and I can’t throw or catch a Frisbee well enough for anyone to have fun playing with me. Here are some Frisbee alternatives for the Frisbee-impaired (let’s be friends!).

P.S. I recommend playing any and all of these games with a G&T.

Gold and Silver Petanque set 
Lawn Dominos //
Scoop Ball //
Custom Cornhole //
Yard Checkers from Crate & Barrel // (only $20!)
Garden Chess //
Lawn Jenga //


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