Spring Date Ideas

I haven’t worn my huge, insane puffy coat in almost three weeks, so I feel comfortable supporting this whole “spring is here!” idea, even though it snowed in New York and Minnesota last week. Spring time means it’s time to transition from watching episodes of Girls in sweats with an adequate supply of cheese to spending time outdoors and eating food that comes out of the grownd (so obviously cows don’ count). Here are some springtimeish date ideas that would all look great with a pair of overalls and a green juice.

Hit up an outdoor concert or music festival, leather optional.
Find the closest amusement park and go on the scariest roller coaster.
Take him (or HOV) out to the ball game.
Stock up on fresh foods and flowers at your local farmers market, and bring the kids!
Build a garden together, even in heels (or not).
Dust off you bike and find a bike-friendly destination (and wear a helmet please).
Use this spring to get ready for summer by working on your bikini body NOW.
Have your boyfriend, or just friend, meet you for a picnic. Talk politics or not.


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