Brooklyn Brunch

There are a few food groups New Yorkers do extremely well: hot dogs, pizza, artisanal cocktails, and brunch, which is just like breakfast, but later in the day and with plenty of drinks. It really is the way to go. Why waste an entire meal on Wheaties when one could just wait a few hours and opt instead for quiche Lorraine and mimosas with friends?

Last weekend Shawn and I threw a mini-brunch before heading off to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the Cherry Blossom opening weekend, complete with (what I consider) the world’s best bagels and cream cheese, fruit salad, mini semi-homemade muffins (blueberry with real bananas, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds), and mimosas.

The girls with sweet little baby B.
Collapsing after our "hard day".


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