Wedge Sneaker Confessions

When I started spotting wedge sneakers around SoHo I thought they were pure genius. Comfy! Low-key! You could wear them with pleather pants! No matter the reasoning behind the wedge sneaker trend, I had a deep, dark fear of buying a pair and then not being able to pull them off. I confessed to my friends I had a deep, dark secret love for the urban-looking trend, and they told me to keep that particular opinion to myself. day Paige let me know she NEEDED a pair. I knew with Paige by my side I could take on the wedge sneaker trend and have all the benefits of wearing comfortable yet totally on-trend shoes. I dipped my toe in with a pair of black Nike Dunks, knowing they were the safest option. They have been a wild success, with people stopping me in the street telling me I look cool and being able to shop for hours without hints of a blister or sore feet.
The adrenaline I felt wearing my black Nike's has, sadly, worn off, much like the feeling of eating a small handful of Good'n'Plenty's, thinking it's all you really need when you actually would only be satisfied with a family-size box.
I (obviously) have full intention on spending my tax refund on some slightly-more-ridiculous wedge sneakers, hoping the trend lives on and on. Here are some I hope to have in my closet very soon:

Nike Force//
Olive Nike Dunk//

Steve Madden Barness//

Adidas Profi Up//
Ash Silver Sneaker//


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