Psst! The Aztecs Have a Secret

I’m a bit of a multi-tasker, I like turning a workout into a cleaning session that also lets me binge watch House of Cardswhile I have carrot fries roasting in the over while maybe sending a few emails. The more I can do at one time, the better. That’s why I love face masks. They let you add to whatever you’re doing to feel even more productive! Here’s the routine: when I have about 10-20 minutes left in my workout (which is usually when I wind down anything too extreme physically) I rinse off and dry my face and put on a face mask for the last portion of the workout. A dermatologist gave me this tip and said the pro’s to this are that warm skin make the pores open up and let the face mask sit on your face when it can “soak in” the most – all the better.

I have a few favorite masks, my #1 being the Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Gycolic mask. It’s inexpensive, effective, and smells like pumpkin. I use this one about twice a week and even threw it on for a couple of minutes the morning of my wedding to get extra glowy.

I decided I wanted to try the cult-favorite Aztec Secret Indian Clay mask, partially because it’s only $7 from Whole Foods, and partially because who doesn’t want in on an Aztec secret?
I mixed about 3 tablespoons of powder “clay” with about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar – mix mix mix fizz fizz fizz and its ready to go. Spread the mask on a clean face and try not to notice the vinegar smell that weirdly didn’t bother me at all (which bothers me that it didn’t bother if you know what I mean). Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. At about the 10 minute mark you feel it, and at the 15 minute mark it burns in the best way possible, you can feel that Aztec secret all over your face working, in the words of Icona Pop “I love it!”.
After rinsing the mask off my face was a little red afterwards, but my pores were basically gone and I just used my Thayer’s organic aloe toner to help with the redness. I moisturized religiously for the next three days until it was mask time again.

I recommend this product, even if it’s just once a week and you aren’t working on your inner thighs while wearing it.

CAUTION: The photos below are not cute! I know this!
Who new Chichenitza could sell beauty?
You aren't supposed to put the mask around your eyes, whoopsie!
That's better!
Look ma, no pores!

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