Things to Love about Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year when children use Spongebob to send each other sweet messages, you can buy an array of pink teddy bears at any gas station, and there are lines of men who don’t intend to eat their feelings lined up outside pricey chocolate stores. Valentine’s Day is all of my favorite things: chocolate, pink lingerie, pink hearts, chalky candy, dinner with wine, romancey movies, and just the right amount of “cheese” (ie the card I’m sending to my parents that says I love them more than coffee).

Here are the best of the best:
 1. Almost better than chalk heart candy - candy cookies from Etsy - $30/dozen
 2. I love this sweet sign from Sweet Peony Press - $12
 3. Heart garland from Pelemele - $13
 4. Flaunt it if you got it, or whatever you got even if it's a tiny bit. Bra from Victoria's Secret - $24
 5. Georgetown Cupcakes are the supreme of cupcakes. $2.75
 6. A Valentine far less cheesy than anything with Spongebob from RSVP Paperie - $5.50
 7. My mom's all-time favorite movie, "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline is a perfect love story. - $5.75
 8. Pink wine + red packaging = perfect Valentine's "refreshment". - $17.99/4 mini cans
 9. Pretty flirty romper jammies that are sweet enough to wear if you're spending Valentine's Day with girlfriends. $15.50


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