Honorable Mentions

I had a loonnngggg (in a good way) weekend filled with love and food (in that order). Shawn and I went to a fab local restaurant on Valentine’s Day for the 3rd year running that’s BYOB so we were able to drink a fancy bottle of wine we had laying around while not wearing sweatpants which is ideal. Some other highlights: my new Dolce Vita leopard booties that make me feel much cooler and even a little British, Paige dressing up like her mom, the kale and sausage soup Shawn makes that is addicting, me enjoying myself with an adult beverage at a 2 year-old’s birthday party, my new S’mores flavored coffee from Target, and our new camera so the quality of this blog’s photos will be immensely better!
Also of note, we were going to go somewhere fancy for dinner Saturday night (hence the fury jacket) and couldn’t get a table so we went to a family Mexican restaurant for nachos and margs instead. Some things are just meant to be :)


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