Hollyn's Workout Plan

Hello, I’m Hollyn and I’m addicted to working out in my living room. There, I said it.

I quit my $58/month Crunch gym membership and decided to buy myself any workout DVD my heart inner thighs desire. Here’s the setup:
-ottoman goes up on the couch
-I keep 2lb and 5lb weights in a an unassuming basket on the bookshelf
-I don’t let Shawn get a coffee table, instead we have a $12 Target tray which “does the trick”
-DVD goes in Shawn’s MacBook and is set on the TV console
-I watch Pretty Little Liars/Vanderpump Rules/Girls/Scandal/Lifetime movie or similar on the TV while doing/watching the DVD at the same time

There! A home gym that doubles as a way to catch up on worthless shows you can watch with one eye (the other is on Tracy Anderson). If this is what it takes to fit in my clothes while indulging in peanut brittle once in a while I’m totally sold.
Here are reviews of my favorite workout DVD’s, and I’ve tried A LOT.

DVD’s that get you sweaty in 5 minutes or less:
Insanity is King. Here's a free online 40 minute workout from the series.

Jillian Micheal's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD is long and hard! Below is the video for the full workout.
Denise Austin's Quick Burn Cardio is not quite as difficult as the other two, but has 20 minutes of cardio + 20 min of weight training. I found the free cardio portion online below, but you can buy the full DVD here.

Jackie Warner's Xtreme Timesaver Training is only 30 minutes, but definitely makes you work the whole time. Plus Jackie is kinda cute when she teases the girls in the video. I couldn't find the video online but you can but it here.
 Here are some easier but still totally worth it DVD's that I recommend doing while watching a season finale or a show where more attention is deserved like old episodes of Mad Men or the Beyonce Documentary on HBO:
Billy Blanks Bootcamp Inferno takes a while to really "feel" it, but I really do think it's pretty low key and easy to memorize the moves so you can truly pay attention to anything else that may be going on (ahem, Spencer Hasting's outfits). The entire DVD is here:

Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis DVD's are...fine. The cardio is not boring and you can't help thinking about how great Gwyneth looks while working on your tush for 30 minutes at a time or longer. Although I bought the pricey DVD set I really recommend just finding all of her free workouts online and doing those when you see Gwyneth bikini photos.

Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 has 4 workouts (that are actually about 21 minutes each after stretching) and can be pretty gruesome, but they're short and the circuit-style workouts make getting through the tough parts easier. Here's the entire first workout (the easiest one!)
The laziest of all if going to Fitsugar and picking out a few of their 10 minute videos. I think it's easy to give up when the videos are just 10 minutes long, but I recommend Jeanette Jenkins if you are looking for something with "spunk".


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