Staying Warm from New York to Minnesota

Today it snowed in Brooklyn, and my Instagram feed was filled with photos of snow-covered brownstones and taxis, I even posted the photo above to my Instagram account which was taken on my way to work, I'm still not sure if it was worth taking off my dingy little gloves. I'm sure my Minnesota friends were not impressed of my snowy pic as they have had one of the coldest winters on record and plenty of snow...and then some.
This morning I put on double-layered socks, jeans (not leggings), and a cheap hat to survive as best I could on my walk to the C train. When my fingers started going numb I realized I needed a Minnesota-worthy cold weather wardrobe upgrade. Here are some items I (and my cold little hands) have in mind:

1. Faux Leather + Tweed Jacket from Zara $159 (on sale!)
2. Patagonia Merino Wool Striped Socks $16  (on sale!)
3. Aviator's Canada Goose Hat $199
4. Joe Fresh Down Jacket $59
5. Ugg Shearling Mittens $160
6. Zara Duffle Coat with Fur Trim $169 (on sale!)
7. Uniqlo Heat Tech Jeans $30
8. Sorel Joan of Arc Boots $105 (on sale!)
9. North Face Blue Ski Pants $159

Stay warm this weekend!


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