My Idea of "Classic"

I appreciate what counts (apparel-wise) as a “classic”. So much so, that I own more than one trench coat, more than five blue and white striped shirts, and even a pair of grandma-ish black kitten heels. Good for me! However, I find myself wanting to ignore taupe and navy in favor of hot pink and bright red, and have completely ditched the idea of finding a pair of sensible riding boots that I like and instead doubled-up on my pairs black motorcycle Frye’s (they are sexy, comfy, and always garner compliments). Here are my ideas of classics, most of which I own, or know I would wear the hell out of.

1. My baby: the J.Crew Minnie pant in black $89
2. I have a black pair, but know I would wear red just as often: Hunter boots $140
3. The Boyfriend sweater from J. Crew is the perfect fit and length, also it's cashmere $248
4. Slip dresses are the sexiest kind of dresses: Zara slip dress (on sale) $25
5. I love my gray Superga's that went all over Europe with me last summer, I find investing in a metallic silver pair extremely justifiable. $89
6. This white embroidered dress is one I would reach for every day when we start seeing warm weather. $30
7. I wear my white jean jacket more often than my blue jean jacket, it always looks slightly more dressy and goes with everything: Target jean jacket $25
8. My Frye collection is one I have an immense amount of pride for, with the black motorcycle boots as my favorite. $258
9. I bought a blue Nat & Nin bag on our honeymoon last year, and somehow the casual look and blue color make every outfit look cooler: Scarlett bag from Nat & Nin $320


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